Apply for a food parcel

To apply for a weekly food parcel you need a registration at the Food Bank Eindhoven. For that you have to meet certain conditions, see under Criteria for a food parcel [Criteria voor pakket]. After registration you will be informed at which of our Dispence locations you can collect your food parcel.

Registration by an assisting agency
If you get help from an assisting agency they will register on your behalf.
Assisting agencies are e.g.: Lumens Sociaal Raadslieden Werk, WIJeindhoven, Schuld Dienst Verlening (SDV) of the municipality of Eindhoven, Budgetbeheer, Neos, Leger des Heils, GGzE, Novadic, Vluchtelingenwerk Zuid Nederland and Vluchtelingen in de Knel. Administrators can also register on your behalf.

If you don´t receive help from an assisting agency, we strongly recommend that you register with:
Lumens - Social Work Counsel [Lumens Sociaal Raadslieden Werk]
For an application you make an appointment for their special Food Bank Eindhoven consulting hours. This is possible:
  > By phone at 040-2193300 from Mondays through Thursdays between 12:30 am and 4:30 pm or via

Registration by yourself
As from October 1st, 2016 it is also possible to apply for registration by yourself in order to receive a weekly food parcel. You can dial 06-14980414 on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm to make an appointment for a consultation. The people of the Food Bank will assist you further.

- Bring the necessary documents and bank statements to the consultation (see Criteria for a food parcel)
- The address of the Food Bank Eindhoven is: Kanaaldijk-Noord 15d, 5613DH Eindhoven. See map.

We care about the privacy of those who receive our food parcels. Your personal information will never be shared with other parties. The Food Bank Eindhoven and everyone who is involved in the distribution or allocation of the food packages are required to strictly adhere to this. Your personal information is used solely to carry out our work, e.g. to establish if help is indeed necessary and to inform our sponsors on what happens with the collected goods.

Dispense locations in Eindhoven
After your application has been accepted you will be informed when and where you can collect your food parcel in Eindhoven. For an overview of the dispense locations go to Uitdeelpunten (dispence locations).
Please note
Clients must notify us if they cannot collect their food parcel! Please send an email to or Text to 06-14980414. For last-minute cancellations, please call the phone number of your own dispence location during the timeslot indicated in the table between brackets, under ‘Telephone’.

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