Criteria for a food parcel

Whether you are eligible for a weekly food parcel by the Food Bank is determined by your disposable monthly household income (for food, clothing and other) after the fixed expenses have been paid. We call this your "living allowance". A household is eligible for a food parcel if the living allowance per household in total is less than the following amounts:

1 persons household:   230 euros  

The monthly "living allowance" is calculated by having all the income in the family subtracting fixed expenses.
It is what is left for food, clothing, etc. For the exact calculation, download: Application form [Aanmeldingsformiulier, Dutch only].

2 persons household:   325 euros
3 persons household:   420 euros
4 persons household:   515 euros

etc. (95 euros extra per pers./child)


Your application requires that you meet the current allowance criteria. We therefore ask you to submit the documents that provide evidence for your income and fixed expenses.

These documents are:
- Income statement (salary or benefits)
- Costs of energy and water, rent and rent allowance, healthcare allowance
- Tax returns such as: child benefits, provisional restitution, child budget etc.
- Travel allowance, school travel allowance for children
- Debts that you may have
Bank statements for 3 consecutive months also need to be provided for to support the above mentioned documents.

- 2 adults, no children =  € 135 + 95 + 95 =  € 325.00
- One parent with two children (12 and 16, both with no income of their own) =  € 135 + 95 + 95 + 95 =  € 420.00

How to calculate the 'living allowance'?
Total income needs to be deducted with all fixed expenses.
Total income may include: all wages (retirement, disability, unemployment, etc) , housing allowance, refund taxes, health care benefits and child budget and boarding costs from living-in children must be added here. Child benefits and holiday pay are not included.
All fixed expenses may include: rent, gas / water / electricity, health and other insurances, provable debts (known at debt relief [‘schuldsanering’].
In the document “Toekenningscriteria voor aanvraag van een voedselpakket” [download, Dutch only], all of these items are explained and put in order.

Using the application form the various budget elements can be calculated precisely. This form plays an important role in registration at the Food Bank.
Download the Application form in .xls version or Application form in .xlsx version [Aanmeldingsformulier, both: Dutch version only]

If you want to apply for a food parcel, please visit the “Apply for a food parcel" [Pakket aanvragen] page to learn more. 

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